We Believe

LUMITRONICS SOLAR CORPORATION believes that alternative and renewable energy sources will play a huge role in meeting future energy demands – a role that depends on many factors including the advances in technology, recognition from the government, public acceptance, and economic viability.

That is the reason why LUMITRONICS SOLAR CORPORATION encourages clean technology innovation and small business development. Our partners help bring emerging technologies to deliver the world’s energy today and into the future.

At LUMITRONICS SOLAR CORPORATION, we provide the renewable energy that drives human progress with a passion for green energy development and in order to save on the rapidly increasing cost of electricity in the entire archipelago.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behavior
  • We encourage and nurture Innovation and Creativity
  • We work as a Team – Employees, Customer, Suppliers and Shareholders
  • We create value and satisfaction for our customers
  • We care for safety and the environment – that is why we are in this business


To be one of the country’s top service providers and integrators of renewable and green energy solutions as well as other environment friendly designs in the next 5 years.

To provide environment friendly renewable and green technology solutions for powering and lighting the future by harnessing nature’s elements such as Sun, Wind and Water.